Skin consult and spa peel 
This treatment is ideal for clients with time constraints and skin concerns. It involves an extensive skin diagnostic and maslanic acid peel, derived from olives.This facial will leave your skin feeling firm and glowing.

PURIFYING ZONE  60 min   $110
Purifying and rebalancing with a deep cleanse, facial massage and biophasic mask.
This treatment is ideal for those clients with stressed skin and for those from colder climates. It involves a three step deep cleanse and exfoliation and a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage. The treatment is ultimately completed with a mask specifically selected by the skin consultant for you evoking a state of peace and tranquility.

ACTION ZONE  90 min   $180
Our signature facial that firms, tones and lifts, ideal for mature skins.  
An exclusive anti-ageing and restructuring treatment. It is ideal for clients wanting a complete anti-ageing overhaul. This intensive facial involves eight steps including a deep cleanse, full face, neck and décolleté massage, an intensive biophasic peel off mask, eye and skin moisture treatment.


SENSITIVE ZONE 60 min   $130
Decongesting, soothing and protective  
This is the perfect facial for skin that has a reactive tendency. This five step facial has been designed specifically to restore the skin's equilibrium and improve the appearance of fragile and sensitive skin. A gentle cleanse followed by an enzymatic peel with a soothing massage, a mask and a protective and nourishing moisturiser.

ILLUMINATING ZONE   30 mins   $140 
An illuminating, whitening and anti-aging facial 
This is an ideal facial for those suffering from environmental and sun damage with uneven and pigmented skin. This intense five step treatment includes a deep cleanse, an intense peel and mask for discolouration, a relaxing massage and a smoothing moisturiser. 

MOISTURE ZONE  60 min   $130
Deep hydrating and moisturising.
Utilising pure collagen sheets in the mask, this is an ideal facial for those suffering from dehydration and dryness. Beneficial for all skin types to enhance and restore the hydro-balance of the skin. The skin is left beautifully luminous, toned and fresh.

GLORIOUS ZONE 60 min  $185
Anti-aging and lifting treatment.
This is ideal for those wanting a powerful anti-ageing treatment. The
maslanic acid peel is supplemented with the Glorious Skin instant biphasic lifting mask, that has botox like features, to give you an instant improvement in skin tone, compactness and radiance.

ORGANIC ZONE 60 min  $120
Anti-aging /nourishing  
An Organic Anti-aging face treatment which is nourishing and protective with products which have been formulated with butterfly bush extract and orange water offering a natural treatment indicated for all skins, including even the most sensitive. Detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin. 


MASSAGES 30 min $60 / 60 min $110
90 min $160 / 120 min $195

RELAXATION MASSAGE ~ A complete experience of body and mind using the Comfort Zone Tranquillity Blend.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE ~ A treatment designed to relieve intense tension in the muscles and the connective tissue by stretching and applying deep pressure. Beneficial after sporting activities.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE ~ A gentle treatment, either pre or post natal, relieving tension from back, shoulders and legs.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE ~ A gentle but highly effective treatment for detoxing and to relieve excess fluid retention.

HOT STONE MASSAGE ~ Heat is used to break down toxins and help relieve tensions in muscles.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE ~ A spiritual technique based on Hawaiian philosophies of flowing strokes to restore harmony and balance.

ORIENTAL MASSAGE ~ Choose from Pressure Point, Shiatsu or Tibetan sound massage for a traditional massage to ensure relaxation and relieve stress. 



30 min $85
This treatment is designed to assist in exfoliation of dead skin cells, invigorates new blood to the surface of the skin and promotes healthy lymphatic circulation.

HYDROBATH ZONE  30 min $50
Time to zone out in a relaxing Tranquillity hydrobath, with an indulging aromatic oil blend.

BODY WRAP  45 min   $110
A detoxifying mineralizing Giusti mudwrap, this treatment is finished with a comfort zone rejuvinating body balm.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE  30/60 min  $110
An intense head, neck and scalp massage with organic Moroccan argan oil. A revitalizing and nourishing treatment.

EAR CANDLING    45 min $75  60 min $95
A way to stimulate immune circulation to cleanse and harmonize energy and auras. To alleviate symptoms such as sinus pressure, headaches. Releasing blocked energy and points of tension (combine with scalp / neck massage)

HIS FACE  60 min  $110 

A hydrating purifying and rebalancing face treatment. This intense deep cleansing ensures your face will feel fresh and regenerated.

HIS BODY   30 min
60 min
90 min

A choice of Relaxation or Therapeutic massage with a unique aromatic blend of orange and sandalwood.

HIS FOOT ZONE   30 min
60 min
This foot treatment includes stimulating Himalayan scrub, foot massage with reflexology and Comfort Zone Vital Leg Cream to refresh and enhance circulation in your legs.

HIS TOP AND TOES   90 min  $165
Enjoy being spoilt from top to toes. An intense cleansing and rehydrating face treatment combined with a body treatment & scalp and foot therapy.


A Deep Tissue Massage with intense scalp and foot therapy.



EYE BROW   $20
1/2 LEG $35
BRAZILIAN from $60
EYELASH TINT $30 /combo $45



Deluxe (inludes scrub/ massage/ mask)
 30 min $50
45 min $75

60 min $95

Ultimate spa pedicure with moisturizing paraffin treatment, Tranquillity blend aromatherapy and jade stone massage to bestow positive energy and balance.

HOLIDAY ZONE  90 min  $165

Relax with a Purify Zone facial, 30 min aroma massage and soothing foot therapy.

JET LAG RECOVERY  90 min  $165

Remove those feelings associated with jet lag through a 30 minute Comfort Zone citrus salt scrub, 30 minute lymphatic massage and 30 minute leg and foot treatment to reduce discomfort and swelling. 

ZEN ZONE   2 hours  $195

Step into your zen zone with a Comfort Zone Tranquillity Facial and 1 hour aromatherapy (Palmarosa) massage.

MINI ME ZONE  60 min  $100

For the little people wanting to be pampered choose from either mani /pedi/facial/massage (tailored to individual needs).

DETOX ZONE   120 min  $225

Cleanse yourself with himalayan sea salt, marine mud wrap and a lymphatic massage. A detoxifying facial will then leave you feeling youthful and radiant.

ALL WRAPPEDUP   90 min  $175

A full body purifying mud wrap and 45 minute massage will leave you totally energised and relaxed.

HAND & FOOT ZONE  60 min $110  120 min $195

Need to calm your inner self? Let us do our magic to your hands and feet. By combining a scrub/reflexology/mask and massage, your whole body and mind will be at peace. 

COUPLES RETREAT    120 min $205 pp
Be in the zone with that special someone. Both can enjoy a 30min Moisturise Zone facial, 60min Deep Relaxation Massage, followed by a deluxe foot therapy, head and scalp massage with rejuvenating argan oil.

3 hrs $295
Indulge yourself with a Comfort Zone Aroma Soul massage, nourishing Head and Scalp Therapy, Sacred Nature Tranquillity Facial and Special Foot Ritual. A wonderful nurturing treatment. Finish with hydrobath, wine and chocolates.

Relax in our hydrobath   30 min $50 

.......with wine & chocolates
(with any treatment or package).


Speak to our qualified and friendly staff to combine the perfect Party Packages with a beautiful group of friends to celebrate that special occasion.



JADE STONE MASSAGE   60 min $110

A gentle massage with unique Jade stones facilitating fluidity and transmission of the vital energy towards the heart chakra, encourages relaxation and calming the mind.


This treatment involves stimulating the vital energy points along the meridians to effectively maximise energy flow. By massaging these points the corresponding body areas receive specific therapeutic benefits rebalancing the energy flow through the meridians, it improves blood flow, regulates the organs and promotes natural healing. Includes pressure point facial.

INDIAN RITUAL MASSAGE   120 min   $195

Inspired by the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda, the "science of life", this ritual massage resonates deeply with mind, body and spirit, releasing stress and tension, while bestowing a complete state of harmony. Includes full body treatment, Indian head massage with argan oil and herbal foot ritual.

Scrub/Wrap/Hot stones  90 min $165
A Unique Warming and Revitalizing treatment                           

The aroma therapeutic action, along with the Thermogenic self-heating mud and Hot Stone Therapy encourages effective tension-relief of head, neck, shoulders and back, bestowing a sensation of overall well-being.


SACRED NATURE  120 min   $195

An Organic Anti-aging face, nurturing body and foot treatment which is nourishing and protective with products which have been formulated, offering a natural treatment indicated for all skins, including even the most sensitive. Detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin in a pleasant and embracing ritual.

(Included complimentary hydrobath for couples)             3 Hrs $295

Indulge yourself with a Comfort Zone Aroma Soul massage, nourishing Head and Scalp Therapy Sacred Nature Tranquillity Facial, Special Foot Ritual. A wonderful nurturing treatment. Finish with hydrobath, wine and chocolates.

* Pre booking required. All packages include consultation & light refreshment in our Relax Zone.