Specialist Beauty Zone

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PIRKIA Lash and Beauty Creations

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Eyelash Extensions 
CND Shellac 
Bio Sculpture Gel 

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Lip Blush and Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing

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Lip blush

Is a semi-permanent cosmetic makeup treatment for the lips, that enhances the beauty of your natural lip colour, giving defined shape and the appearance of full and young looking lips. The finished looks appears as though you are waring a lip colour 24/7.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner:

Is a semi-permanent treatments that achieves results that is specific to your preferences. The eyeliner look can be tailored to your specific needs. Eyeliner tattooing is done whilst using anaesthetics, ensuring that the procedure is as painless as possible. All precautions are taken to ensure a safe tattooing experience. Aftercare will be discussed with you as part of your treatment.